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Gaming news with a twist

Gaming news with a twist
Photo by Roman Kraft / Unsplash

What’s happening?

Friends, I apologize, this is a bit of a distraction from making games. It’s sort of related, but not really, and feels a lot like an excuse not to work on Magivoid. I’ve still been building things though, and as long as you learn new things it’s a win in my book.

Today I’d like to introduce gamebiz.news, a gaming news aggregator where you can up/down vote the authors. These people rate our games, why shouldn’t we rate them?

On a serious note, I added the voting mechanic mostly for fun. The main reason for the site is to quench my thirst for knowing what’s happening in the game industry. There’s a lot of good writers out there and it’s always been a bit annoying to browse multiple websites. Now they’re all in one place…ish. The site covers only a handful of websites for now. I may add more in the future if needed, but there’s a good amount of articles being posted each day already and I feel this covers the industry well enough.

Why not just use an RSS reader, I hear you ask? Where’s the fun in that? Building this site allowed me to play with all kinds of new tech. It’s got a nuxt3 front/backend, a golang article aggregator, and it even runs the text through an AI model to create summaries (which turned out surprisingly good). I’ll try to find time to write a post about the technical details next.

UPDATE: gamebiz.news is no more! I took the site down. Nobody was using it. Such is life.