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Demo out right now! And did we say Next Fest or Next Next Fest?

Demo out right now! And did we say Next Fest or Next Next Fest?

The Terralysia Demo is out right now on Steam!

Terralysia on Steam
In the vibrant realm of Terralysia lurk relentless enemies. Brace yourself for grueling missions, endless onslaughts, and formidable bosses in this third-person roguelike. Use the right strategy and spells to survive a bit longer, but be warned, as you grow in strength, so do your enemies.

Try it out and join the Discord to tell me what to fix or add to the final version of the game. The community on the server has been great so far and it’s already made this Demo better than what it would have been without all the great feedback.

Join the Tiny Game Dev Discord Server!
Official Discord server of Tiny Game Dev, creators of Terralysia | 94 members

Steam Next Fest

In the last post I mentioned Terralysia being part of the June Next Fest. This makes sense since the demo is ready, but as the Early Access release will happen a bit later this year, I felt the next Next Fest in October would be a better fit. Apologies for this miscommunication and change.

The Early Access release date hasn’t yet been announced. Keep an eye out on this space for that information soon.