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A Terralysia update

A Terralysia update

Quick update on what's about to happen in the near future.

May 6

On May 6, the playtest will be taken down and the public Demo will be released. This will be the exact same build as you have access to on the Playtest branch right now. The Demo may receive small updates, but my main focus will be on completing the Early Access build.

June 10

Terralysia will be part of Steam's Next Fest, which starts on June 10 and goes on for that week. Try out the Demo at this point if you haven't yet, and check out some of the other cool indie games in the festival. I will also do a broadcast of me playing Terralysia, so tune in if you'd like to see me struggle.


The Early Access build will contain the completed version of the first map, including the boss fight at the end. Additionally, the build will include a new playable character and a second map. The new map is fully handcrafted with new objectives, a different boss fight, and honestly it will play very differently from the first map. More details soon!

I've been asked a few times for a roadmap. I'm working on translating my internal roadmap into something nice that's not 800 lines in Notepad++. I will share this with you once it's done.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!