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Sign Up for the Playtest Now and Dive into the Features of Terralysia

Sign Up for the Playtest Now and Dive into the Features of Terralysia

Sign ups are now open for the first playtest and we're sharing an in-depth look at core gameplay features

Awaken To Fight Your Dreams

A First Look Into the Key Gameplay Features of Terralysia

Terralysia offers endless replayability as each run has a distinct feel with varied objectives, enemies, locations to explore and character builds to test out. To give you additional insight into Terralysia, let’s delve into the key features of the game. Today, we will be highlighting ways to build your character to suit your playstyle, how the upgrade paths function, and introduce you to the mystical power of Synergy.

Build for Your Playstyle

As you begin each run, you will be able to experiment with a variety of playstyles and find the build that works best for you. Summon a Black Hole as a Mage, charge Precision Arrows as an Archer, or hack and slash through the endless hordes as a Melee Fighter. Modify your build to strategically react and be ready for any scenario. Fight Tree Monsters in a lush meadow, cast Fireballs in the frigid mountains, or explore the void on the mysterious floating islands; no dream is the same. The longer you survive, the more you can customize your build with each upgrade.


Combining spells and items in unique ways to create Synergies is the core of what defines your time in Terralysia. Shape your own experience and make key decisions on how you want to evolve your character. Experiment with different combinations to achieve countless ways to defend, heal or traverse the battle ahead. Combine the Black Hole ability to pull everything into the same location and decimate them with the massive explosion of an upgraded Fireball. Test combinations like combining the Scroll of Anger Management, which significantly raises your power when your health is low, with the Lucky Charm adding a chance for enemy attacks to miss you.

Experience Fragments and Upgrades

Scattered across each dreamscape and dropped from your fallen foes are Experience Fragments. With each fragment, you can choose your upgrade path and craft powerful synergies between spells and items that you discover along your journey. Use Experience Fragments to upgrade abilities to shoot multiple projectiles or to send yourself flying into the air to evade the onslaught. When items are upgraded fully, they can make the difference between your survival or demise, like absorbing a final death blow and giving you a second chance to continue the fight. Discovery is key to escaping this dream prison.

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