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Delving into the Lore and Narrative of Terralysia

Delving into the Lore and Narrative of Terralysia

Terralysia is full of endless possibilities as you build out the hero of your dreams to suit your playstyle and defeat endless hordes of monsters. You must uncover the sinister mystery controlling the deceivingly vibrant world around you. To give you additional insight into Terralysia, we’ll explore the narrative of the game highlighting the world of Terralysia, the main protagonist, and the mystery that you must uncover as you fight to survive your dreams.

The World of Terralysia

In the future, our planet is collapsing and humanity’s time has come to an end. The corporations with control use their funds and means to prepare for evacuation. In the midst of this preparation, experiments are being conducted to identify those worthy of “rescue”. These arcane figures perform cruel experiments in an attempt to evaluate a subject’s resilience and potential fit for the survival of the human race. They do this by forcefully controlling the dreams of their test subjects, putting them under stress, and observing their reactions. As the protagonist of Terralysia, you’re one of these unfortunate test subjects.

Your Hero

Your hero finds themselves trapped in their dreams. The dream locales are different, but the outcome is always the same. Swarms of ever-evolving monsters continue to rush you until they are vanquished, no matter what they try or how powerful they become. With each run you will have the opportunity to customize your character’s abilities and experience your dreams as multiple personas as you unlock new characters. Join the fight for survival to discover your hero’s true identity.

Uncovering the Mystery

As you battle to escape your dreams, you’ll begin to notice a mysterious ghost-like figure watching your every move in the distance. Think strategically and harness the power of Synergy to progress through the game and discover who the ghost-like figure is and whether they are friend or foe. Discover sub-plots during each dream sequence as you complete side quests and bonus objectives. Resilience is essential if you want to survive and discover the truth about the colorful yet sinister world of Terralysia.