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In the vibrant realm of Terralysia lurk relentless enemies. Brace yourself for grueling missions, endless onslaughts, and formidable bosses in this third-person roguelike. Use the right strategy and spells to survive a bit longer, but be warned, as you grow in strength, so do your enemies.

Leave nothing but a trail of destruction in your wake as you dismantle the unjust systems within Terralysia. Engage in a captivating gameplay cycle where you’ll confront the relentless orchestration of insidious dream-weaving engines crafted by scientists. These engines will continuously spawn deadly swarms of enemies and various worlds for you to get lost in. Equip yourself with an arsenal of potent items and spells and establish yourself as an unstoppable force.

Experience fluid third-person combat while attempting to battle your way out of your prison, veiled in a colorful dream-like world. Each map is unique in both visuals and playstyles, with different objectives and bosses.

Unleash fiery storms as a mage, pierce through your foes with an archer’s precision, or carve bloody paths as a melee fighter using your sword to slash through hordes of monsters. Each playable character offers a unique and satisfying experience, but unlocking these characters will not be easy.

Grow your powers by collecting experience fragments scattered throughout the world and dropped from defeated enemies. Use power-ups to gain an advantage over more ferocious foes, upgrade stat-enhancing items to become overpowered, and combine different spells to discover game-breaking synergies.

The longer you survive in Terralysia, the closer you get to learning the truth about the vibrant and brutal prison that you are trapped in. Your extended survival however, comes with increasing challenges. Enemies will grow in power and formidable bosses will seek to stand in your way and slow your progress. Complete randomized objectives to accelerate your progression in hopes of breaking the never-ending loop you find yourself in.


Tiny Game Dev was founded in June 2023 and prototyping for the company's first project, Terralysia, started at the same time. The game was officially announced in January 2024 with a targeted Early Access release date later in the year.


  • Fluid third-person combat with spell casting, ranged bows, and melee swords.
  • Multiple diverse and colorful maps to explore.
  • Large variety of spells and items to unlock and level up allowing for experimentation with various build synergies.
  • Unique objective chains in each map.
  • Meticulously handcrafted boss encounters.
  • Endlessly replayable with Steam Stats and Leaderboards support.


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About Tiny Game Dev

Tiny Game Dev is an independent studio based in San Diego, California created by industry veteran Flavius Alecu. After spending two decades working on AAA titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2, Everywhere, and Brink, Alecu founded Tiny Game Dev with the goal of creating smaller, more meaningful, and more sustainable games.

Terralysia Credits

Flavius Alecu
Code, Design, Audio

Ian Dorsch
Original Soundtrack

Todd Grenier
Concept Art, UI Art

Emmanuel Soupidis
Graphic Design, UI Art

Wilhelm Ogterop

Henk Venter
Character Art

Joe Wilson
2D Art

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